I Know The Score

I know the score November Winner

The start of December for most of us signifies the beginning of Advent and indeed the festive period.  Not ones to miss out we are all excitedly working through our advent calendars after Santa (or Dominic to the cynics) surprised us on Friday.

But the beginning of December also has other implications at Advanced Cladding.  It is the time we award our ‘I know the score’ monthly winner with their prize – a £50 voucher and exclusive Advanced Cladding Certificate (an honour to be in possession of – as previous winners will tell you).

I know the score certificate

So this month the certificate is on its way over to Andy Whitehouse, who has scooped the prize for the second month running – an Advanced Cladding Record.  Congratulations to Andy!  However, don’t let this put you off taking part as each month the slate is wiped clean and everyone has an equal opportunity to bag the prize – even new participants.

To join our minileague go to http://predictor.talksport.co.uk/ select register and then ‘Join our mini league’ with this code: FD3E6-DYK. Don’t forget to provide details of your name and company to avoid missing out on potential winnings!

And if that isn’t enough motivation for you, there is also a £200 voucher up for grabs at the end of the year so get guessing!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next post which will update you all on Tony Raynes’ journey as a Movember participant!  (pictures included)

… Bye for now!

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